Olde Boote Inn

A rare Robinsons pub, the Olde Boot is a family run pub with a nice welcoming feel, comfortable, and with some distinctive old panelling nicely carved to tell you you're in the Olde Boote Inn. There are multiple rooms mostly given over to dining. Food served, tasty too. Accommodation. Car park. Situated just opposite Whittington Castle with it's moat. Tel - 01691 662250  Visited Jan 2017   Pub website
Robinsons Double Hop
Robinsons Unicorn Bitter 
Robinsons Wizard
Readers comments - It's a remarkably large place and seems to be set up mainly for diners now (making most use of its junction location I guess) 
- Tried the Unicorn Bitter, which was a bit ordinary. The Double Hop was tasty and enjoyable - Jan 2017

Narrow Boat

Freehouse. Not actually in Whittington but a couple of miles down the road towards Ellesmere. The pub is long and thin like a narrow boat and is next to the Shropshire Union Canal. Beer good and good value food served. Most of the pub is given over to a restaurant area. Car park is hard to spot at night - it's easy to miss it and go sailing past. Tel - 01691 661051. Visited Jun 2019 
Salopian Shropshire Gold
Readers`comments - Had a pint of Cottage's Full Steam Ahead, which was very rather excellent. 5/5 no problem. The staff were very friendly and the place was lively - Jan 2009
- Deuchers IPA.  Bit disappointed with the quality - but quiet pub on a Monday lunchtime - May 2010

White Lion

You get the feeling this is a dining pub that happens to serve a real ale - Hooky at 3.5% at a staggering cost of 3.90 a pint. There's a dining conservatory that backs onto the historic 12th century Whittington Castle. Food served. Car park. Situated on Castle Street. Tel - 01691 662361. Visited Oct 2017  Pub website
Hook Norton Hooky   
Readers comment - They had Spitfire on tap, which was okay I guess. 3/5. This pub was empty when I was there - Jan 2009
- Beer very expensive so we won't be going back - Oct 2017