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5 real ales being served at the Royal Oak on Coton Hill in Shrewsbury - mostly from the Black Country Brewery   

4 beers from Hobsons, Salopian and Six Bells breweries were on offer at the White Hart in Ellesmere - a traditional pub dating back to the 16th century 
The Bass and Salopian Oracle at the Dickin Arms in Loppington were tasty


Ludlow has a new pub - the Blood Bay  
Cock & Greyhound in Whitchurch is closed  
At the start of 201
8 Shropshire had 25 breweries and 536 real ale pubs Three new pubs to tell you about - The Warehouse in Shrewsbury, and two bars in Church Stretton called Catch and the Stretton Ale House
Another new micro-brewery opens - this one's in Lea Cross and it's named St. Anne's Brewery after the church it's located in 
The Black Gate in Oswestry has re-opened 
Cornhouse in Shrewsbury is now the House of Grain - real ale is on 
Ellesmere has a new bar - The Vault on Scotland Street
Albert's Shed in Barker Street Shrewsbury now serves real ale 
Royal Oak in Shrewsbury now serves real ale 
Inn at Grinshill is no longer a pub
The Four Crosses at Hinstock has been demolished
t the start of 2017 Shropshire had 25 breweries and 528 real ale pubs
At the start of 2016 Shropshire had 22 breweries and 530 real ale pubs

The Bass and Salopian Oracle at the Dickin Arms in Loppington were tasty
Another micro-brewery opens - this one is New Brew based in Newport. There are now 25 breweries in Shropshire
The beers were spot-on at the Bailey Head in Oswestry, a relaxing pub opposite the town hall   


There are 588 pubs in Shropshire and 531 serve Real Ale...

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