Three Tuns
~ Bishops Castle ~

The Three Tuns was first granted a licence in 1642 - making it the UK's oldest licenced brewery.  The famous Three Tuns Victorian brewing tower was opened in 1888. The idea is to hoist all the materials to the top of the tower and let gravity assist all the transfers during the brewing process.

The tower is grade II listed and is described as “a rare survival of a small, working rural brewery”. 

The current owners have updated the equipment to blend state of the art technology with ancient methods and craft - real ale is alive and well at the Three Tuns.

Three Tuns 1642 3.8% abv
Three Tuns XXX Bitter 4.3% abv
Three Tuns Cleric's Cure 5.0% abv 
Three Tuns Old Scrooge 6.5% abv

The Three Tuns Brewery, 16 Market Square, Bishops Castle, Shropshire, SY9 5BN

01588 638392



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