the real ale story
Real Ale does not have a very long shelf-life ~ because it
is a living product

Towards the end of the barrel the beer can become a bit cloudy ~ as the hops and other fermentable bits fall to the 
bottom of the barrel.
A good landlord will anticipate this and have a new barrel ready

The traditional way to serve Real Ale is with a 'beer engine' - what is traditionally known as a handpull or handpump. In some pubs electric pumps are also used




So why does Real Ale taste so good ?

The water, quality of the ingredients, variety of hops,  coupled with the skills of the brewer and landlord affect the final taste of the beer

The basic brewing process has not changed for hundreds of years. Your favourite pint should only contain natural ingredients ~  sometimes a seaweed extract is used to create a longer lasting head

Remember that almost all Craft beers, lager and most cider is not Real Ale ~ don't be taken in by the flashy adverts

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