the real ale story
Real Ale has for centuries been brewed in England and is uniquely and distinctively English as our patchwork countryside

And Real Ale has been enjoying a resurgence in popularity - especially here in Shropshire where a growing number of brewers and microbreweries have been at the forefront of this surge in popularity - by brewing some really tasty and distinctive beers

   This website celebrates the taste of Real Ales ~ especially
those to be found in 
Shropshire's pubs and bars




So what is Real Ale ?
Real Ales are usually barrelled just before the fermentation process has finished ~ allowing the beer to become 'Cask Conditioned'. The barrel must be allowed to settle for a few days before the beer can be served

Other beers, known such as Keg and Craft, are brewed in the same way ~ but they are usually pasteurised to kill off any bacteria, then once at the pub the beer is chilled and Carbon Dioxide is used to push the beer to the glass - which ends up making it taste fizzy. It's just not cricket. 

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