Crown Inn

Traditional country pub with cute little windows seats - with stunning scenery all around. Friendly landlord. Dominoes and darts. Car park. Good value food served. Bar and lounge. Situated on the B4368 west of Clun. Very well kept beer. B&B accommodation. The pub is also the local village shop. Visited Oct 2008 as part of the Clun Valley Real Ale Festival.  Pub website
Hobsons Bitter   star5.gif (1174 bytes)
Six Bells Big Nev's 
Readers comments - Visited on a Wednesday night. Pub was quiet, and I thought it had a rather lacklustre feel. However, two beers on which were a Montys and Hobsons. The Monty I had was a good example of the beer - a definite 3 star - Oct 2010
- Hobsons Best and Six Bells Big Nev's on. Hobsons was 4 out of 5. Open every evening from 7, and serves food - Mar 2013