The Eagles

Closed June 2015

Roadside pub situated on the main A458 Shrewsbury to Bridgnorth road. Back open again in 2010. Beer well kept and tasty. The Salopian Oracle was an excellent summertime pint being almost see-through in colour. It feels a bit like a blokes pub - and the dining room would benefit from feeling a bit more homely. Food served. Car park. Beer garden. Tel - 01952 510100  Visited Sep 2010

Salopian Oracle
Salopian Shropshire Gold
Readers comments - Ellen says the Eagles has finaly opened up and has been refurbished, wonderul setting and has just started doing food as of May 2010. Warm and friendly people everyone felt very welcome - May 2010
- Very very nice pint of Shropshire Gold and a guest ale - June 2010
- Boarded up and claoed - June 2015